The Lebanese Parliament will elect the President of the Republic

With 33 days left before the end of the legislature, the head of the legislature, Nabih Beri, is using his prescribed powers to summon 128 MPs to a plenary session.

According to the national agreement and the confessional system of independence from France in 1943, the post of President of the Lebanese Republic goes to a Maronite Christian.

In this sense, names such as Suleiman Franzieh, Emil Rahma, Samir Gegea, Michel Moawad, Nimat Afram and Sami Gemayel resonate among the candidates for the seizure of Babada Palace.

According to Ghassan Saud, a Lebanese author on political affairs, since 2016 Generals Emil Lahoud (1998-2007), Michel Suleiman (2008-2014) and Michel Aoun, since 2016 military leaders in Lebanon are considered candidates.

Saud explained in an article on the website of the pan-Arab channel Al Mayadeen that the absence of government formation since last June is a pressing factor pushing for the election of a president for the Lebanese republic.

He said that in the event of a constitutional vacancy, the functions of the president would be delegated to the Council of Ministers in accordance with Article 62 of the Constitution.

Michel Aoun will end his term on October 31 and, according to Magna Carta, he cannot be re-elected until six years have passed.

Lebanon is seeking to appoint the 14th president of the post-independence republic during a constitutional period with a mission to promote economic and financial reforms.

During these decades, the Cedars Nation overcame the presidential vacancies of 1989, 2007-2008 and 2014-2016.