Telangana FM presents state budget for 2022-23, accuses Center of ‘creating hurdles’

While Telangana Finance Minister T Harish Rao presented the budget for 2022-23, the Telangana government also accused the central government of creating obstacles in the way of the state’s progress.

Telangana’s budget for the year 2022-23 estimates a total expenditure of Rs 2,56,958.51 crore. Of this amount, revenue expenditure is Rs 1,89,274.82 crore and capital expenditure is Rs 29,728.44 crore.

Finance Minister Harish Rao said, “The state suffered from discrimination even after its formation. In the Combined States, we suffered at the hands of the rulers of the day. And now we face similar discrimination from the Center. The Center creates obstacles in the way of progress of the State. Instead of inciting the advancing state, the center actively tries to discourage it.

Harish Rao said the discrimination against Telangana started from the day of gaze training. He said that on the very first day of the formation of the state, there was a strike that must be observed against the Center. He alleged that the promise made in the Reorganization Act was also not fulfilled.

“As if that weren’t enough, whenever there is a discussion of the formation of the state of Telangana, it is commented on as – ‘kill the mother to save the baby’. These comments made by the elders of the center are an insult to the people of Telangana,” he added.

The budget speech of the Minister of Finance of Telangana mentioned projects not allocated to Telangana by the Center, such as the ITIR project, which was allocated to Telangana but canceled later. The Center has notified 9 districts in the state as backward district, however, the grant that was to be given to these districts is delayed, according to Harish Rao.

“With great hope and expectation, Telangana State has submitted a number of proposals to the center, the Chief Minister himself has personally met with the Prime Minister and handed over these demands, but no action has been taken. was taken and no funds were released NITI Aayog recommended that an amount of Rs 24,205 crores will be released for Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya projects, the center had not even released 24 paise,” said said Harish Rao.

The Telangana Finance Minister said it is customary for the Center to accept recommendations from the Finance Commission, but the current central government has not followed this custom. According to him, the 15th Finance Committee recommended that in the year 2020-21, an amount of Rs 723 crore be granted to Telangana as a special grant but this was not considered. A total of Rs 5,385 crore in grants including state and sector specific grants were withheld from Telangana by the center, it added.

Speaking about the latest Union budget, Harish Rao said no justice has been served in Telangana. He said no irrigation project had been given national status, no money had been given to any program and it was just sweet talk without the offer of concrete help. .

“Despite all the adversities and limitations, Telangana has become a financially sound economy,” Telangana Finance Minister Harish Rao said.