Seema Patra BJP: Suspended BJP leader finally arrested for shocking torture on domestic helper in Jharkhand

After Republic TV’s mega campaign, suspended Jharkhand BJP leader Seema Patra who cruelly assaulted her domestic helper has been arrested.

The fugitive leader who was arrested on Wednesday morning was sentenced under the Scheduled Caste and Tribal Atrocities Prevention Act (to prevent atrocities and hate crimes against SC/ST) based on the ordeal of victim Sunita Kumari. According to police sources, the arrested leader will be taken for a medical examination and later in the day will appear in court.

The victim identified as Sunita Kumari is a resident of Gumla and had worked at Seema residence for eight years where she was often beaten with iron bars, hot pans and regularly abused by her employer.

Jharkhand BJP leader Kunal Sarangi spoke exclusively to Republic TV and said, “By no stretch of the imagination, this kind of behavior and attitude is not acceptable. Our state president and the The entire party have made it clear that she has already been suspended and if allegations are proven she will surely be fired from the party. She was arrested today and we want the state government to take the most appropriate action. Toughest possible ways against it won’t be tolerated. BJP has zero tolerance for behavior like this.”

Seema Patra tortured domestic helper

On Tuesday, defendant Seema Patra was suspended from the BJP following allegations that she cruelly abused a domestic helper. The action was launched after the housekeeper, in a now viral video, accused her of “brutally torturing” her. In the video, the assistant, identified as Sunita, said: “I was beaten with sticks, with a belt. She tortured me.

Republic TV has acceded to a complaint filed by a certain Vivek Anand Baskey, a station officer in the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, who is a friend of Seema’s son, Ayushman Patra. In the complaint, Baskey pointed out that one day Ayushman told him that Seema “is going to kill the maid”. Another day, Ayushman called Baskey’s wife and asked her to make it clear to him that since Sunita was a tribe, just like him, he had to “save” her.

Moreover, in the complaint, it was mentioned that on several occasions Ayushman tried to show Baskey through video calls and photos, Sunita’s medical condition, which Seema allegedly wanted to rid, taking him to an ashram in Varanasi”. .

The plaintiff also shed light on how Ayushman once messaged, stating, “Help Sunita, my mom got me arrested. Please help me come home. In the meantime, the National Commission for Women became aware of the incident.

Notably, Patra was part of the women’s wing of the BJP National Working Committee. She was also leading the BJP’s “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign in Jharkhand. Maheshwar Patra, his wife, is a former IAS officer.

(Picture: RepublicWorld)