“Republic World” set to disrupt the digital news genre with a world-class user experience

Republic Media Network is proud to announce that its digital backbone, Republic World, is ready to roll out a whole new experience for its users around the world. Republic Media Network worked with best-in-class technology, digital experts and consumer behavior analysts to perfect the product for a game-changing digital information experience.

The network’s big digital announcement comes in the home stretch ahead of the launch of Republic Bangla, Republic Media Network’s foray into the regional broadcast space.

After becoming one of the leading publishers of digital news, Republic World will now offer a whole new interface with cutting-edge tools allowing its users to live a splendid digital news experience.

With superior specifications and the use of disruptive technologies, Republic World will introduce exciting and engaging new features for its digital users. Users will have an immersive digital news experience and will be able to ensure they are up to date and engaged with all current trends and developments. Republic World will deliver smooth, interactive and clean features that are unprecedented in the digital news genre.

A large product and design team strives to deliver a world-class experience to its digital users in just a matter of weeks. The operation was launched after intensive research, extensive study of consumer behavior and a deep understanding of emerging technologies.

Speaking on the announcement, Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami said: “We are in the midst of an exciting growth phase at Republic. At broadcast we are on the heels of launching our third channel in our third year and on digital we have a massive team working to deliver a world class product to its users. I am personally excited about the digital product that will be rolled out in a few weeks. It will disrupt the digital information experience for good. “

Republic World, which has broken into major news publishers, will provide an interface for an unrestricted access platform. An integrated and interactive news experience will ensure that users consume and are part of the news wheel at scale as they want, how they want and when they want.

The platform, through experiences, will not only set Republic World apart from its current digital news contemporaries, but also bring a whole new dynamic that maximizes the news experience for the fast-moving user.

The soon-to-be-released digital product will keep Republic World rich in innovation and news, and live up to its commitment to be the fastest experience with an even shorter load time. Breaking with current models of digital information, Republic World is about to disrupt with very engaging formats for its users. It is an unprecedented product developed for the changing expectations of digital users.

The latest innovations from Republic World will change the way news is delivered, read, viewed, shared and with which to interact. There will be no compromise on user experience and news content.

With the latest digital announcement, the rapid pace of Republic Media Network’s expansion across platforms and genres has once again been established. In broadcasting, Republic Media Network, which should expand this year to several regional markets, has already reached more than 300 million viewers. Coupled with massive digital expansion, the Republic Media Network is India’s premier news destination.

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