Republic Services workers lift man’s car trapped underneath, saving his life

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In a story that shows the true extent of human strength, a man recounted how he was heroically saved from a car that fell on him.

Chance Seidell recalled the day he thought his life might end on Wednesday, describing what happened.

“That day I was lucky,” Seidell said, referring to the front of his car. “I was just below here.”

He told 8 News Now’s Sasha Loftis he was changing a tire with his car on a jack when he slid under it to grab a fallen Lugnut and the whole thing went down.

“The car came over me and my arm was pinned back,” Seidell recalled, referring to the experience. “Like this, almost to the throat.”

The army veteran screamed for help and caught the attention of a neighbor, who then signaled a Republic Services truck to pick up trash.

“I jumped out of the truck,” said Cristian Flores, commercial driver for Republic Services. “Heard someone scream.”

Flores told 8 News Now that he and his colleague Edgar didn’t think twice, they just ran to see what they could do. After exhausting all other options, he and a few others lifted the car by hand, so another could get Chance out safely.

“I just wanted him to stay calm,” Flores recalled. “I told him everything was going to be fine.”

It was a feat few people could accomplish, but Cristian said he did just the right thing.

“I was just doing what a human should do for another human being,” he explained.

As for Chance, he said he couldn’t even begin to describe his gratitude. He hopes the men who saved his life know they really made a difference.

“I’ve been called a hero before,” Seidell concluded. “But those guys that day were my heroes.”

Chance said he was trapped under the car for about five minutes before being rescued. He broke his collarbone and had a few bruised ribs, but otherwise he was fine.