Republic Services provides advice on disposing of packaging materials

Republic Services is bracing for an influx of discarded packaging material this holiday season and is offering tips for consumers when tossing boxes, bows and gift bags. The National Retail Federation forecasts retail sales of $ 859 billion in November / December, up 8.5% from 2020. Last year alone, the United States Postal Service delivered 1.1 billion packages over the holiday season and expects to see more this year.

With consumers doing more of their holiday shopping online and with supply chain issues limiting the availability of raw materials, it’s more important than ever to recycle properly.

“People can support a circular economy this holiday season by putting boxes, wrappers and wrapping materials in their recycling bins,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability. “Republic Services is committed to making recycling easier and helping more Americans make it part of their daily routine. Together, we can give these materials a second life as new products this holiday season. “

Follow these tips to make sure you’re recycling properly:

  • Recycle what you can – Flattened boxes, wrapping paper, paper cards only (no glitter or foil), paper gift bags (no handles or ribbon) and tissue paper can all be recycled.
  • Properly dispose of trees – Check your municipality’s guidelines for the disposal of natural or artificial trees to determine the correct garbage cart.
  • Organize food waste – Compost food scraps if you have a cart for organic products. Place cooking oil in a sealed container and take it to a household hazardous waste facility.
  • Reuse materials – Save non-recyclable items like bubble wrap, ribbons and bows for your next giveaway event.
  • Choose simple – Choose non-laminated, glitter-free wrapping paper and gift bags when purchasing wrapping supplies to allow the person you gifted to recycle.

Common holiday items that do not belong to recycling include: bubble wrap, cellophane, holiday ribbons and bows, batteries, clothing and shoes, holiday lights, electronics and plastic wrap. mousse. All these items and materials should be placed in a waste container and not recycled.