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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Trash pickup issues are not isolated to Indianapolis.

A Republic Services customer on a road near Cicero told News 8 that he and his family pay $700 a year for weekly trash pickup, but he says lately he’s been lucky to see a truck trash twice a month.

Trash pickup on Mount Pleasant Road in Hamilton County is scheduled for Fridays. Three days into this week, the trash can was still outside the home of Corey Miller and his family.

“And if you leave the trash outside like they suggest, so that they pick up twice as much every two weeks, the animals get on with it. It spills into other people’s yards and onto the road. It creates an environmental mess,” Miller said.

Miller says he called Republic to complain and ask for a reduced rate. He pays $175 every three months for weekly garbage pickup. “They refused to do so and gave me a $25 credit. You do the math; that’s not what I should have been credited with at all,” he said.

He and his neighbors have few options when it comes to garbage service. It’s a take it or leave it situation.

East of Indianapolis, I-Team 8 found a Republic garbage truck in a neighborhood that suffered from sporadic garbage service. Amy Streeval says she called the Mayor’s Action Center a few times to complain.

“They didn’t pick up the trash on the day they’re supposed to. Sometimes it’s not picked up at all and they leave piles of trash, as you can see,” Streeval said.

In September, the city paid Republic more than $1.8 million for garbage service. The company reimbursed the city $3,650 for missed trash service that month. Residential customers in Marion County will not see a discount for missed service. The Department of Public Works says the city is working with Republic to improve service. Public Works says some of the problems are linked to a 10% increase in waste, which means more trips to landfill as the company suffers from a labor shortage.

Streeval says she saw garbage trucks passing right in front of her street. “I called the mayor’s action line three times. I live on a cul-de-sac, and they’ll just go through my cul-de-sac, not even going down there at all,” Streeval said.

Residents of Indianapolis and the rest of Marion County who are having trouble with trash pickup can call the Mayor’s Action Center.

Republic Services customers outside of Indianapolis should call the company to report issues.