Republic Services Employees Rally to Meet Growing Demand and Community Needs Amid Challenges | Sponsored by: Services of the Republic

Over the past two years, Republic Services has worked hard to overcome many challenges. Thanks to the adaptive nature of the business and the cooperation of local customers, these efforts were successful.

Republic Services provides over 42 million pickups each year to residents of the Baton Rouge area. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 25% increase in the volume of waste due to lifestyle changes and the increased number of people in the home. In addition, several hurricanes and a severe ice storm in early 2021 sometimes made pickups more difficult.

“We continue to bring in additional equipment to enable these historic increases,” said Sharon Mann, general manager of the Baton Rouge office at Republic Services. “The volumes have increased to four tonnes of additional waste per driver per day. We hired additional drivers, brought additional equipment, and called customers to make sure service was provided. “

Mann said Republic Services employees remain committed to serving customers in a safe and efficient manner.

“We are seen as essential workers and our team showed up every day, even with their own challenges at home,” she said. “Often they work seven days a week. Our employees live in the communities we serve and take pride in ensuring residents are taken care of. When other cities across the country shut down services due to labor shortages due to the pandemic, we did not have to do so thanks to the dedication of our team. “

Mann said many customers have gone above and beyond to express their gratitude to Republic Services employees. These gestures do not go unnoticed.

“So many people take care of employees en route by giving them water, snacks or just a thank you,” she said. “In these difficult times for all of us, it’s really making a difference. This spirit of togetherness is why we love to serve the people of this great city. We appreciate each of you. We are adjusting to our new normal post-pandemic. More and more people are choosing to stay home, ordering more meals and supplies, and have changed their lives by spending more time at home, resulting in more curbside volume. We would like to thank the residents for their patience and understanding during these times. “

To make sure customers receive timely service, Mann said there are several steps they can take to help drivers. Each household is entitled to a maximum of two garbage carts. The second must be bought and paid for through the city, which then informs the services of the Republic. The company only services carts issued by the City of Baton Rouge, not those purchased in a store. Customers must remove all carts and materials provided by the City the day before for services. Republic has until 8:00 p.m. on the day of service to complete a pickup.

Mann said the city is inspecting all tree debris and contractor’s materials to determine if the Republic is required to pick it up or if the owner is responsible for making other arrangements.

“Tree removal contractors, lawn maintenance contractors and building contractors are responsible for the disposal of waste resulting from their services and should not place them curbside,” she said. .

In addition to providing efficient collection services, Mann said Republic is committed to the community. The company regularly partners with the city and city council for clean-up days in every part of the city. Republic also launched a Committed to Serve campaign to support local businesses during the pandemic.

“Republic has spent over $ 35,000 this year at local restaurants to feed our employees and to keep the restaurant employees working,” Mann said. “We started again after Hurricane Ida to provide meals to our employees in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Restaurants in the Baton Rouge area were used to provide these meals to both cities. “

For more information on Republic Services or to apply for vacancies, visit Customers can also call 311 with concerns, questions, shopping cart issues, or for other information.