Republic Services and Archaea Energy Announce Renewable Natural Gas Project at Middle Point Landfill

The development will help support climate action by turning landfill gas into a low-carbon fuel

PHOENIX, October 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Republic Services, a leader in the environmental services industry, and Archaea Energy, the leading producer of renewable natural gas (RNG) in the United States, today announced plans to develop a facility from GNR to Middle Point Landfill through the companies’ Lightning Renewables, LLC joint venture. The project will convert the gas that occurs naturally when waste in place at the Middle Point landfill decomposes into pipeline-grade RNG that can be used as a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

After hearing from Rutherford County responsible for their continued interest in a local renewable energy project, the Republic-Archaea partnership will help bring this idea to fruition. “At Republic Services, we put sustainability into action through partnerships and projects like this one at Middle Point Landfill,” said Jamey Amick, Office of the President of the Republic. “Combined with the significant investments we have made in the landfill gas system to control the potential for off-site odors, this project will further propel on-site gas collection. We know how important sustainability is to this community, and we’re excited to bring this innovative solution to Rutherford County and middle Tennessee.”

“Republic has appeared before the county public works committee several times since 2018. We told them the county wanted renewable energy, and they did,” the county commissioner said. Craig Harris said. “We are excited that they are investing in new technology at Middle Point Landfill as a sustainable landfill gas solution. It shows Republic is making great strides in having a better relationship with the county in the future.”

“We are excited to move forward with our joint venture projects with Republic Services, including this project at Middle Point Landfill,” said Nick Stork, co-founder and CEO of Archaea. “We are aligned with Republic Services in their vision to have a meaningful sustainability impact in local communities and contribute to larger-scale climate solutions.”

The Middle Point Landfill gas-to-RNG project will create clean energy resources, further control the potential for offsite odors, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while directly contributing to the goal of long-term sustainability. Republic Services term to beneficially reuse 50% more biogas by 2030. RNG projects provide significant local and global environmental benefits with little or no negative impacts to the local community.

Using EPA estimates, the Project’s projected total annual environmental benefits will be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 800,000 acres of US forests in one year.

The previously announced Lightning Renewables, LLC joint venture includes plans to develop 39 new RNG projects at landfills owned or operated by Republic Services across the country. The Middle Point project is part of the first phase of the joint venture’s development. This RNG partnership builds on Republic’s growing list of environmental commitments, including fleet electrification and investments in plastics circularity, to create a more sustainable world.

Republic Services is involved in 77 renewable energy projects at its landfills across the country, which generate electricity as well as RNG and help customers and communities meet their own sustainability goals. When used as a transport fuel, RNG can reduce emissions by up to 70%. Today, RNG powers 21% of Republic’s fleet.

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Archaea operates 13 RNG facilities across the United States and has a strong RNG development backlog of around 90 projects, which it plans to develop and build over the next few years. Archaea develops, designs, builds and operates RNG facilities using an innovative and cost-effective manufacturing approach to project development, supported by a commercial strategy focused on long-term fixed-price contracts. Archaea’s renewable energy projects provide a sustainable, reliable, multi-decade decarbonization solution for local and global communities

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Archaea Energy Inc. is one of the largest RNG producers in the United States, with a state-of-the-art platform and expertise in the development, construction and operation of RNG facilities to capture waste emissions and convert them into low-carbon fuel. Archaea’s innovative, technology-driven approach leverages significant expertise in gas processing, enabling Archaea to deliver RNG projects that are expected to have higher uptime and efficiency, faster project timelines and lower development costs. Archaea partners with landfill and farm owners to help them turn potential sources of emissions into RNG, transforming their facilities into renewable energy hubs. Archaea’s differentiated business strategy is focused on long-term contracts that provide business partners with a reliable, non-intermittent, and sustainable decarbonization solution to replace fossil fuels. Additional information is available at

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