Pubg New State Mobile Releases New February Update With Round Deathmatch And Pass Vol 4

On February 10, 2022, Krafton announced an update for Pubg: New State Mobile. The update is currently live on Android – Google Play Store and iOS – Apple App Store. The new update brings Round Deathmatch (RDM) mode, which is a 4v4 round-based experience that sees teams compete to become the last one standing. The new update also adds Survivor Pass Vol. 4, new MS5K weapons and crossbow.

New February Updates for Pubg: New State Mobile

  • Round Deathmatch: RDM is a 4v4 round based mode. Unlike traditional deathmatch modes, players will not respawn after being eliminated. The team with the last player standing in each round wins that round. The teams will face off in the best of seven series to see who will ultimately win the game.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 4: With this update, players can now progress through the new Survivor Pass to earn a variety of in-game rewards. With this Survivor Pass, players can complete a series of faction-themed missions, which focus on Doug Bikerway from the Mayhem biker gang, which is one of the factions that sell weapons in New State Mobile.
  • New Weapons – MP5K and Crossbow: The MP5K is a 9mm based SMG that can be fitted with a variety of attachments to help manage recoil. The long-range silent crossbow is also now available as a field drop in the Troi and Erangel 2052 maps.
  • New Weapon Customizations: With this update, the M249 weapon can now be customized with a new shield attachment that fits on the side of its handguard and prevents enemy fire from destroying the weapon. This customization results in a slightly slower ADS time though.
  • Clan System Adjustments: Recommended clans will now focus on a Clan Master’s nationality to help players match with clans of common nationalities. Players can now search for clans based on this parameter to find the one that suits them best. A Clan Master can now also set their Clan Emblem using a variety of symbols, backgrounds, and colors, with more options to be added later.

New weapons are coming to Pubg New State Mobile

  • The MP5K packs a punch and is a beast designed for close combat use. The MP5K is a 9mm submachine gun that can be fitted with any attachment. The MP5K will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground. With easy recoil control, the MP5K offers a balanced performance in close combat.
  • The February 2022 Update in New State Mobile brings you the Crossbow, which deals high damage as a silent ranged weapon but has a very low reload speed. But note that, when equipped with a crossbow-specific attachment, the reload speed is increased by 25%. The crossbow will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground.
  • Also, as the latest addition, a brand new DSR-1 specific reload feature has been added. This new feature will make it possible to use the DSR-1’s backup store, which has been added. Now after using 5 bullets you can quickly reload using 5 spare bullets from the save store. Users must reload twice to reload both magazines.
  • Besides these new guns, there is also an exciting gun customization available on the M249. With the new ballistic shield customization, removable shields will be mounted on the left and right sides of the HandGuard.
  • And finally, the MP5K [C1] Laser Sight, with this new Laser Sight customization, the MP5K can be fitted with a laser sight on the left side of the rail. While ammo rate when firing from the hip or shoulder has been increased, horizontal recoil control is slightly decreased.