New State Mobile can be updated with a new Survivor Pass, map, weapon and more

On May 20, 2022, Krafton announced that the May Update for New Mobile State is online on Google Play Store and Android App Store. This update brings a new grassy map located under a bridge (with watchtowers and a river separating the two sides) and a combat leveling system for Round Deathmatch, a new designated marksman rifle (DMR) , recruiting knocked down opposing players with a new action feature called piggyback, the launch of Survivor Pass Vol. 7 and up.

New State Mobile may update new features

  • Underbridge comes to Round Deathmatch: Underbridge is the new map in Round Deathmatch mode! The map is designed to encourage frequent combat at medium to long range. Watchtowers are positioned in each camp to allow players to spot enemy locations from a distance. Unlike Arena, the previously released map for Round Deathmatch, Care Packages will not appear in Underbridge.
  • New Leveling System in Round Deathmatches: Round Deathmatch mode adopted a new battle level system in the May update. Players now earn Combat XP based on Team/Round Deathmatch results, including win, loss, death, and damage. Players who leave the match and their teammates during a fight are not eligible to receive Battle XP. Once players reach a certain combat level, they will receive a gun customization kit that can be used in the Round Deathmatch preset.
  • New weapon – M110A1: The M110A1 is the newest DMR to join the New State Mobile fold. This DMR uses 7.62mm ammo and has the fastest bullet speed among DMRs in the game. The M110A1 balances high damage with stable recoil and includes a diverse set of equipable accessories, including a scope, a magazine, muzzle and cheek pad slot.
  • Victorious Piggyback: Piggyback is a new action feature available in New State Mobile. Players can now piggyback on stunned players (both allies and enemies) and transport them to safety. Players should be aware of their surroundings – the feature should be used strategically as other actions will not be available when using the overlay action.
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 7:The May Update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Paul Rubin of the New State faction coming to New State Mobile. Players can earn Paul Rubin’s character costumes and skin by completing all of the story missions that are released weekly.