Letter to the Editor: We have the leader we supposedly chose – not the one we needed

In response to columnist Danny Westneat’s Seattle Times comment regarding a Republican voter fraud scam and the 2020 presidential election, the problem with Mr. Westneat’s opinion is that he is a liberal and will never believe what I believe to be overwhelming evidence of electoral fraud. .

The evidence is conclusive to me, but Congress, controlled by Democrats, will never admit it, and it’s now irrelevant anyway. In the aftermath of the election, there was extensive video evidence of voting irregularities as well as comments from postal workers and others regarding those irregularities.

Instead, Democrats continue to pursue Mr. Trump with a vengeance over their fabricated conspiracy hearings on Jan. 6 to distract voters from their abysmal handling of the economy over the past two years.

As Chronicle columnist John McCroskey said, “I’m starting to miss the Jimmy Carter years.” Did Biden steal the election? Who knows? We’ll never know. Some of the recounts showed correct numbers, some did not. Obviously we have the leader we are supposed to have chosen, not the one we needed.

Mr. Trump may not have been the greatest president, but it was obvious that he managed our presence on the world stage extremely well and gave Mr. Biden a strong and healthy economy, which Mr. Biden immediately destroyed. And rather than do something about it, our Democrat-controlled Congress continued to support Mr. Biden’s policies.

The real question you have to answer when you vote and submit your ballot is: do you want to continue our downward spiral to double-digit inflation and embarrassment on the world stage, or do you want we change direction and “cut the buttocks”? Washington, in order to maintain control of the Democrats, actually fixed our elections hugely in their favor in my opinion. Have you noticed that all the candidates, Republican, Democrat or otherwise, are all available to vote? This was done intentionally to favor the Democrats. Remember that our state is politically controlled by the big five – King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston and Spokane counties – all extremely liberal areas. Obviously, Democrats will vote for Democrats. The top two voters will be registered in the fall ballot, regardless of party. Unless those counties turn conservative overnight, your two choices for federal office will likely be Democrats. Pretty smooth, huh?

Bruce Peterson