Letter to the editor – about SE MN needs a leader, not Jeremy Miller…

Letter on SE MN needs a leader, not Jeremy Miller…

For the editor,

Recently, Amir Locke was killed during a “no-knock warrant” in the Twin Cities. Body camera footage shows a sleeping Amir awakened by the sound of men breaking into the apartment. When he grabbed his legally licensed handgun, he was shot immediately. A no-knock warrant is when the police enter a house unannounced. This leaves owners confused and scared for their own safety. When two groups of people are both armed, confused and surprised, bad things happen.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus has expressed support for banning no-knock warrants. The President of the Police Officer Training and Standards Council said: “The banning of no-knock warrants shows the community that we hear their concerns and are committed to preserving human life.” What does this say about politicians who don’t want to ban no-knock warrants? MN House and the Governor have expressed support for banning no-knock warrants. They are waiting for the Senate to act. This means all of Minnesota is looking to Winona for a leader who can enact change that will increase confidence in police, make gun owners and police safer, and prevent loss of life and harm. materials. Someone who “will hear their concerns and is committed to preserving human life”. Unfortunately, instead of finding a leader, we found a politician; someone who doesn’t care about their community and isn’t willing to do anything that would make Republican Party donors unhappy. Winona deserves a real leader, not a politician like Jeremy Miller.

Daniel Wilson

Rushford, Minn.