Kiev not ready to constructively discuss political settlement – Donetsk Republic – world

DONETSK, August 26. / TASS /. Kyiv representatives in the Contact Group for a Settlement in Eastern Ukraine demonstrate their lack of preparation for concrete work on the path to a political settlement, the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of the People’s Republic of China said on Thursday. Donetsk, Natalya Nikonorova.

“We regretfully state that although the activity of the political group has officially resumed after a five-month standoff, there is still no reason to qualify this activity as constructive, as Ukrainian officials prefer to juggle words, rather than to comply with their obligations under the agreements reached on the Minsk platform, ”the DPR Foreign Ministry said in a press release uploaded to its Telegram channel following Thursday’s meeting of contact group.

Nikonorova urged the Ukrainian side to openly discuss a road map to achieve peace in Donbass.

“We unconditionally welcome the unblocking of activity on the political track, but we still do not understand whether the Ukrainian side will work seriously, and not seek excuses for sabotage. For this, Kiev should not send its confidential positions in the OSCE, which only hinders the positive results, but starts with us an open discussion on the road map, because this document is the main topic of discussion within the political group “, he said. she declared.

On Wednesday there was the first official meeting of the political subgroup in five months. The representative of Kiev agreed to hold the session without the participation of Ukrainian public advisers. Previously, the participation of public experts in the sessions of the political subgroup had been repeatedly used by Kiev as an excuse to disrupt the negotiations, although the Ukrainian side was the first to make them members of its delegation. The Kiev delegates called for the withdrawal of the delegation of the public expert of the Donetsk People’s Republic, journalist Maya Pirogova, convicted in absentia by a Ukrainian court for her activity in DPR organizations. At the same time, the Ukrainian side refused to exclude public experts from its own delegation.