Is Trump still the leader of the Republicans?

Eighteen months after leaving the White House, does Donald Trump still have the power to call and break elections in the United States? The former president’s political influence will be tested in a series of Republican primaries throughout May.

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Dozens of US states, starting with Ohio on Tuesday, are holding primaries through May to determine their Republican nominee for the “midterm elections,” the midterm legislative elections, scheduled for November.

These polls will examine the spirit of the Republican Party, where a particularly fierce battle rages between various far-right candidates.

Several of them pulled out the worst intimidation to get the attention and official support of Donald Trump.

A sign of the stranglehold he still exerts on the Republican Party, the name of the former president travels through election advertisements from Pennsylvania to Georgia, via Alabama and North Carolina.

And beware of those who don’t pledge allegiance to Donald Trump.

In Ohio, as we vote on Tuesday, one of the Republican candidates for senator, JD Vance – author of the bestselling book about America in the throes of declining industrialization that inspired the production of Netflix ( “American Poem”) – got it right.

JD Vance

The 37-year-old was a former critic of the Republican billionaire, and now boasts fiercely of his supposed closeness to Donald Trump, who has declared his support for the US Senate.

political capital

This did not prevent the former president from scratching the name of the candidate during an electoral meeting on Saturday…

“We supported JP, didn’t we? JD Mandel,” Mr. Trump told the crowd, appearing to confuse Mr. Vance with his closest rival, Josh Mandel.

Is Trump still the leader of the Republicans?

However, the former president’s backing has proven to be a huge boon for JD Vance, who since his announcement has led his rivals by five points in opinion polls.

On May 17, the spotlight will then turn to Pennsylvania, a state once famous for its steel mills, where Donald Trump has chosen to support a former TV star.

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mehmet Oz – the paranormal surgeon who has long been at the helm of a famous daily medical program – appears to have helped Dr Oz beat his closest rival in the polls, the former Treasury official David McCormick.

Mohammad Oz

Analysis by Alexander Hefner, an expert on American politics, told AFP: “The outcome of the primaries will determine whether the Republican base remains Trump’s.”

mini crucible

This will be particularly important in Georgia, a sort of mini-melting pot of discussions that will energize the United States in the months to come.

The southeastern US state, known for its capital Atlanta, is at the center of a fierce battle for African Americans’ access to the vote and at the center of a disinformation campaign on voter fraud .

Donald Trump has repeatedly chastised Republican Governor Brian Kemp, a candidate for re-election, for endorsing the results of the 2020 presidential election, beating him by Joe Biden.

Instead, the former White House tenant backs former senator David Perdue, who regularly kicks the ass at Donald Trump supporters perpetuating the idea that the presidential election was ‘stolen’ from him – a hypothesis repeatedly rejected, but still believed by millions of people. Americans. .

David Perdue

After May’s ordeal, Donald Trump’s influence will be further tested in the primary news in August, when one of the troublesome congressional candidates, Republican-elect Liz Cheney, faces a candidate backed by the former president.

If the outcome of this election is unfavorable, it could cost Donald Trump dearly, who flirts more openly with the idea of ​​running for president in 2024.

Alexander Hefner warns that “if Trump-backed candidates don’t perform as expected, the path to the 2024 presidential nomination race will be different.”