Former prime minister wants Jamaica to become republic before independence day

PJ Patterson, former Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Kingston, Jamaica: PJ Patterson, the former Prime Minister, calls for the impeachment of Queen Elizabeth II as head of Jamaican state, noting that resettlement cannot wait for a complete overhaul of the constitution.

On the matter, Patterson wrote to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Opposition Leader Mark Golding, in which he called on the leaders to begin the process of impeaching the Queen at their head and take a step on the path to become a republic, as the island is set to commemorate its 60 years of independence.

Patterson was Prime Minister of Jamaica from 1992 to 2006. Last weekend, while speaking on the radio, he quoted: “We must have a “Head of State” during this Jubilee Year who will reflect our own image and allow every Jamaican to aspire to positions in their homeland. The constitutional recommendations are far reaching. We cannot afford to wait forever; 50 years is quite a long time.

It comes after Barbados on its independence day deposed the Queen as head of state, becoming a republic after being in her reign for over 400 years, while electing Dame Sandra Mason as its very first president. .

Patterson wants the process to start soon and end by the island’s next Independence Day, adding that if the government and opposition show up it would be easy to pass the impeachment referendum on the island. queen at the head of state.

I would be completely satisfied if by then he had gone through all the stages of the legislature and there was only one referendum left. If both parties campaigned for a yes, I doubt that the prospect of those who vote no will be crowned with success, ”added the former prime minister.