Check | BJP, News Channel Leader Share Pakistan Video With Community Fake Trick

Using the InVID WeVerify Google Chrome extension, we extracted some keyframes from the viral video and performed reverse image search on some of them.

The reverse search led us to a media report Pakistani daily who mentioned that a 40-year-old married woman identified as Tejhan Bheel was dragged down the road to a court in Umerkot by her husband and others.

According to the report, she had approached court for the dissolution of her marriage and was returning home when the incident occurred.

We found another report in a Pakistani daily Dawn, which contained similar details and mentioned that she resided in Vehro Sharif and that she could not tolerate domestic violence due to which she wished to end the marriage.

The woman reportedly said she tried to remove it but fled when she sounded the alarm.

We then came across an article by the Pakistani journalist, who reported on the Umerkot incident for Pakistani daily, AB Arisar.

He reiterated the details given in the reports and dismissed the allegations from Indian news channels.

“This is not a Hindu or Muslim matter, she was a Hindu and had taken court against her Hindu husband Herchand Bheel. She was allegedly abducted by her in-laws, they were also Hindus and FIR is proof of that (sic) “, he wrote.

Note that this is not a comment on the incidents on attack on minorities in Pakistan. This is only to provide the facts about this incident and to show how an unrelated case was linked to the issue of attacks on minorities and repeatedly shared by the leadership and the media.