Calcutta HC orders CBI investigation into 2011 murder case of TMC chief Tapan Dutta

In a major breakthrough, the Calcutta High Court has ordered a CBI investigation into the murder of environmentalist and Trinamool Congress leader Tapan Dutta at Bally in Howrah district.

After several courtroom hearings, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday ordered a CBI investigation into the murder of Bally environmentalist and Trinamool leader Tapan Dutt. Judge Rajasekhara Mantha on Thursday ordered the CBI to hand over all investigative documents to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

According to sources, more than 50 cases have been transferred to the CBI in the past eleven years in Bengal under Trinamool Congress rule. According to the preliminary FIR, the head of the TMC, Tapan Dutta, was assassinated by unknown disbelievers. Later, Dutta’s family members alleged that a TMC minister from Howrah Arup Roy was involved in the murder. Several MPs and ministers from the ruling party in the state face charges in the Tapan Dutt murder case.

Tapan Dutta killed by his own followers

Tapan Dutta, an environmentalist and leader of the TMC, was killed on May 7, 2011, allegedly by his own supporters following a dispute over the filling of wetlands in the area. Apparently, Dutta staged a protest against the infilling of wetlands in Bengal where he blamed the ruling Trinamool Congress party. The FIR was filed by Pratima Dutta, wife of slain Trinamool activist, named 13 Trinamool activists including Minister of State Arup Roy.

On August 30, 2011, the CID filed the first indictment in the case. The indictment named several leaders, including Minister of State Arup Roy. The CID filed the indictment on September 26 of the same year. About nine names were removed from the indictment without giving a reason.

Later, the trial court also ordered the acquittal of five defendants. But in 2016, the Calcutta High Court overturned the lower court’s order. The defendants appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also upheld the High Court’s order and ordered the High Court to expedite the settlement of the case. On Wednesday, a bench of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court ordered the single bench to decide the case within a month. Shortly after, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday ordered a CBI inquiry to investigate further.