Arnab Goswami Announces All-New Digital Experience on Republic World; puts the internet in turmoil

The editor of Republic Media Network sent a wave of excitement across the Indian internet on Sunday by revealing that Republic World – the network’s digital mainstay – is undergoing a massive expansion that will culminate in the launch of an all-new news experience digital. in the next weeks. Detailing the kind of thought process and technology that went into conceptualizing and delivering the world-class upgrade to what is already one of India’s largest online news publishers, Arnab said his intent and that of the network, stating “We are all set to disrupt India’s digital news experience”.

“I am so proud to announce that we are now weeks away from redefining the way digital news is consumed,” Arnab said in a statement, adding, “Our great product team works with digital experts and the best in their category. technology to deliver a world-class product. This is going to change everything. It’s been months of massive expansion on digital and it’s all coming together in a matter of weeks.

Arnab Goswami announces ‘all-new digital news experience’ on Republic World

He went on to reveal “Our teams have immersed themselves in consumer research and organic user behavior to deliver a beautiful digital product designed for you. I’m so thrilled that we’ll be bringing you the all new digital news experience in only a few weeks!”

“We have onboarded a great team that has developed the best technology for Republic World. In a few weeks, Republic World will deliver a beautiful all-new experience to its users around the world. We are all ready to disrupt the digital news experience in India.”

As the Republic Media Network also prepares for the imminent launch of its Bengali news channel Republic Bangla and the network’s global reach extends to more than 300 million people – more than the entire population of all countries except three – Arnab Goswami assured the global user and audience – Republic base that one of the world’s leading digital news destinations was only weeks away.

“After Republic World took over the leading news publishers in India, I am confident that with the user experience that will be delivered to our audience in a few weeks, we will be among the leading digital news destinations in the world. world,” says the editor.

Expressing his own excitement in so many words, Arnab pointed to the potential of the unveiling to completely alter the digital information landscape.

Internet users delighted with the next launch; wonder what’s in store

After posting about the all-new Republic World on social media shortly before, he noticed the positive flooding of the network’s inboxes with inquiries about what might be coming, the palpable excitement and eagerness in every letter and every message.