A protester blocks the broadcast of Russian state TV channel One with a placard opposing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

A brave protester interrupted an evening program on Russian state-run Channel One on Monday with a sign decrying President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

“Stop the war. No to war!” the woman shouted as she held up a sign that read, “Don’t believe the propaganda. They lie to you.

A snippet of the show quickly went viral on social media, where several journalists identified the woman who stormed the studio as Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor at Channel One. She would have already been detained by the police.

Ovsyannikova appears to have recorded a video before the protest, declaring: “What is happening in Ukraine is a crime”, according to a translation provided by The Washington PostThis is Mary Ilyushina.

“Unfortunately I worked at Channel One… working on Kremlin propaganda,” she reportedly said in the post. “And now I’m very ashamed. I’m ashamed that I allowed lies to be told on TV screens… that I let the Russian people be zombified.

Channel One is one of the most popular public channels in Russia and pushing Putin’s propaganda on the war in Ukraine. According to the Tass news agencythe network said it was conducting an “internal review” of the explosion.

Earlier this month, Russia passed a law criminalizing reporting on the invasion that contradicts the official government narrative, threatening journalists with up to 15 years behind bars.

In the first two weeks of the war alone, Russia arrested at least 13,000 protesters for speaking out against the invasionwhich resulted in the deaths of nearly 600 civilians, including 43 children, according to the United Nations.